General Notices: 17 July 2020 - NJ JR update
Date17th July 2020
TypeNJ JR update
Non-Jury/ Judicial Review
All cases that were adjourned due to Covid-19 restrictions were recently called over with a view to offering parties a hearing date. To reduce the prejudicial effects of Covid-19, judges will sit in September 2020 to hear cases which do not require oral testimony. It is planned that such hearings will be carried out remotely, save where one of the parties is not legally represented. With effect from October 2020, dates will be fixed for cases where oral testimony will be required. At present there are no plans to hear such cases remotely. However, that situation will be kept under constant review. New IT platforms are being trialled and if successful, may allow such cases to be heard remotely at a future date. Parties are asked to monitor the Courts Service website for Practice Directions as may apply to remote hearings and the delivery/filing of written submissions.

The callover of the Monday Non-Jury list is held at 10:45am when cases are assigned. All papers for such hearings must be lodged no later than 5:00pm on the previous Wednesday. Consent orders and consent adjournments should be notified by email in advance to the Registrar assigned to the Court 6 list. As and from October 2020, it is expected that this list, save for those cases/applications involving a party who is not legally represented, will be heard remotely.

Papers and supporting documentation for ex parte applications for Judicial Review must be lodged no later than 4:30pm on the Thursday preceding the application.