General Notices: 30 June 2020 - Jud Rev Ex Parte
Date30th June 2020
TypeJud Rev Ex Parte

Judicial Review Ex Parte List

All applicants seeking leave to apply ex parte by way of application for judicial review on each Monday should note that:
With effect from MONDAY the 18TH MAY, 2020, papers for the said application must be lodged in the Central Office by 4.30pm on the preceding Thursday
You must contact the Central Office at to make an appointment to file and lodge papers in advance of attending Court
Once papers have been filed and lodged in the Central Office, a soft copy of the Affidavit(s) and Statement of Grounds should be forward to Maria Gioni at
by 4.30pm on the preceding Thursday
Upon receipt of same you will be sent an email with a scheduled time to ensure compliance with HSE distancing requirements
Your cooperation will be appreciated