General Notices: 09 June 2020 - Chancery Motion1
Date9th June 2020
TypeChancery Motion1

Chancery 1 List Motions only for Monday the 23rd day of March 2020

and each Monday thereafter


Further to my previous Notice of the 14th May 2020 your attention is now drawn

to the following Notice in respect of the Chancery 1 List for Monday the 23rd day of March

2020 and each Monday thereafter to date and your assistance is required in

identifying any Motions that ( a) Can be dealt with by Consent Order/Adjournments or ( b)

that are Contested and require a hearing date


Please therefore without further delay email the undersigned exhibiting the Consent of all

parties to the litigation and a Court Order will then be made by the Registrar dated from

the date the said Consent is received and the said email together with a copy of the Consent

will be then placed on the Court File

Ms Justice Reynolds has now directed that any such Contested Motions that still require a

hearing date in the above List from the adjourned Motions list dated the 23rd day of March

2020 and each Monday thereafter to date will now be listed for hearing on Monday the 22nd

day of June 2020 or subsequent Mondays thereafter until that List is exhausted

Practitioners should further note that

( a) Consent Orders and or Consent Adjournments will NOT be entertained on the day by the

Registrar assigned to the said Court on ( Monday the 22nd day of June 2020) or subsequent

Mondays) due to Courtroom Capacity limitations during the Covid 19 restrictions.

( b) Motions that were previously listed for 22nd of June 2020 29th day of June 2020 06th day of July 2020 and 13th day of July 2020 will stand adjourned to the 12th October and 19th days of October 2020 in this List

(c) all new Motions will issue for the 2nd November 2020 and subsequent Mondays

N B Practitioners should check the High Court Tracking System on an ongoing basis

Further information to follow in the week preceding the 22nd day of June 2020 in respect of

the administration of the Court List on the day bearing in mind that the capacity of Court 3 is

11 people ( Excluding the Judge and the Registrar) during said restrictions together with

directions providing a set of Motion papers for the Court in advance of said hearing date


Joe McGuane. Registrar ( 01 8886703)

Please email with details of said Consent Orders and/or Consent