General Notices: 15 October 2020 - Masters Court
Date15th October 2020
TypeMasters Court
MASTERS COURT -Updated the 15th October 2020

The Master's Court re-commenced hearings on the 6th October 2020

Matters which were adjourned generally from the 19th March 2020
to the 31st July 2020 due to the pandemic and matters listed and filed
from the 6th October 2020 to the 22nd October 2020 have been given
a new provisional listing for hearing during the period:

The 6th October 2020 to the 12th November 2020

Practitioners and Lay Litigants are recommended to access the legal diary which has
been published to establish when a matter is listed for hearing.
Special Attention should be drawn to the fact that dates issued by the Central Office
for the two periods in question to the 22nd October 2020 may not be the date allocated
for the matter to be heard in the provisional listing.
Matters listed on and after the 24th November 2020 will be heard as scheduled.

Where all parties attend on the provisional date or where consent is obtained
the matter will be heard by the Master.
Where an application by consent for an adjournment is sought, attendance is required
before the Master as consent applications by email are not permitted while the Master is
Where a matter is listed but no consent is available or no attendance is made by the parties
the matter will be, as heretofore, adjourned generally with liberty to re-enter and parties
must attend the Central office to have the matter re-listed for the next available date.

Queries relating to the Master's Listing to the 12th November 2020 may be emailed to the
Register at
with the subject Line: Master's List and the High Court Reference Number