General Notices: 04 October 2021 - Remote Courts VMR
Date4th October 2021
TypeRemote Courts VMR
From 4th October 2021, the publication of VMR codes for remote courts in the High Court will be streamlined.

VMR codes will no longer be published for court lists, with the exception of the Special Care, Garda Compensation, and Hague Luxembourg Convention Lists. They will continue to use Pexip Infinity and will continue to communicate as before. Instead, a VMR code is assigned to each Judge of the High Court.

This means that the VMR code for Motion Lists, Callovers and Hearings will be the number that is associated with the presiding Judge on a given day.

To reduce the level of direct communication by email to registrars, can all practitioners refrain from contacting registrars with regards to connection details for remote courts.

From 4th October 2021, practitioners must:

1. Check the Legal Diary daily to identify the Judge dealing with your matter/List. If a matter for hearing has been assigned, the name of the judge to whom it has been assigned will appear in "Today's Cases". If it has not been assigned, it will appear in the relevant list. The name of the Judge taking the list will be clearly indicated on the Legal Diary.

2. Check the VMR connection details in the membership section of the Bar of Ireland and Law Society websites (below) under the name of the presiding Judge

3. Do not contact High Court registrars directly with regards to connection details.

In the interest of the smooth and efficient running of remote courts, your cooperation and adherence to the above notice is appreciated.

Bernard Regan
Principal Registrar
High Court
4th October 2021