General Notices: 28 October 2020 - Dub Cir Civil
Date28th October 2020
TypeDub Cir Civil
Notice concerning Civil Matters listed before Dublin Circuit Courts in Áras Uí Dhálaigh and Four Courts and in particular Court 28 and Court 33/27

All civil matters listed in the above courts during the period 22nd October 2020 and 1st December, 2020 (inclusive) are adjourned back to the office, newly assigned hearing dates will be the published on the Legal Diary in due course.

A Judge/County Registrar will be available at all times to hear urgent matters. Urgent matters should be e-mailed to

All applications for ruling of orders on consent can be e-mailed to To apply for a ruling on consent, one e-mail from the moving party which must contain the exact terms of the order sought on consent, the written consent of the other Solicitor to the making of the order, a copy of the relevant Notice of Motion or Notice of Trial and confirmation of the next date the matter is listed before the Court.

All VMR hearings already arranged will proceed as scheduled.