General Notices: 16 November 2020 - Taxation of Costs
Date16th November 2020
TypeTaxation of Costs


Further to the statement of the President of the Circuit Court Published on 21st October 2020 and due to the current Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions a call over of all issued summonses to tax, as listed hereunder, will take place by VMR on Monday 16 November 2020 at 10 am.
The purpose of the call over is to ascertain what matters have settled, what matters are ready to proceed, that the time estimate is correct and that the necessary documents have been lodged as per the previous Notice published concerning taxation of costs hearings during the pandemic.
Those cases which are ready to proceed and where both parties are legally represented will be assigned new hearing dates where possible and before 1 December 2020. VMR hearings may be appropriate in certain cases where both parties are legally represented and this needs to be indicated at the call over, which such hearings commencing from the 18th of November 2020. In applications where one party is not legally represented, Court hearings will be arranged.
Only the moving party on each summons should attend the call over, save and except where there is a dispute between the legal representatives as to the readiness of the matter and the suitability for a hearing or VMR hearing during the current restrictions.
The Virtual Court Room Number and relevant instructions will be made available to Mr Rob McCann of the Institute of Legal Cost Accountants for this VMR from tomorrow for the legal representatives only. Please use the email address to make the application for the VMR details
Please Further Note: - In order for hearings to be dealt with efficiently and on a timely basis and in accordance with Government and HSE guidelines and policies, parties will have to ensure that: -

1. Copies of documents to be relied upon have been disclosed to the opposing side, in advance of the hearing.
2. Copies are available for the County Registrar and will be lodged via post or drop box facilities in the Office, in advance of the Hearing.
3.All original exhibits are filed and all affidavits are stamped and filed in the Circuit Court Office.
Documents must be lodged in the Circuit Court Office not later than 72 hours prior to the hearing date with the record number and hearing date clearly marked on the documents.