General Notices: 19 January 2021 - Notice Special Care
Date19th January 2021
TypeNotice Special Care
General Notice; Special Care List ; Procedures during level 5 restrictions.
A. During the currency of Level 5 restrictions and until further notice the procedure in relation to the Special Care List on Thursday mornings will be as follows: -

(1) The list will commence at 11am each Thursday morning.
(2) One Counsel only for the Child and Family Agency shall attend in court for each case being reviewed and in respect of any application in the list. One Solicitor may attend Counsel. No others involved are to be in attendance in Court but they may participate as set out at (4).
(3) The proceedings will be by use of soft copies only. No Archive Boxes or clutter is permitted.
(4) Until such time as virtual meeting room/remote hearing facilities are available the other parties involved are requested to participate “remotely” in the following manner;
(i) if the notice parties/their legal teams are participating then any submissions/representations should be made by emailing a position paper in a concise format to the Registrar and to Mr. Declan Higgins (Judicial Assistant) and to the Child and Family Agency as early as possible and preferably prior to 4pm on the Wednesday preceding the hearing. Position papers received after then will be accepted by the court but participants should try to avoid late submissions;
(ii) parties so participating in the hearings are considered by the Court to be participating remotely.
B. If issues arise in respect of any review or any other application in the Special Care List which the Court considers requires the physical presence of the representatives of the various parties in court , or any of them, then the Court will list the matter for a date at which the parties will be required and/or invited to attend in order that the matter may be dealt with.

C. The Court will also entertain requests for full physical hearings to take place in the Thursday list if application is made by email to the Registrar in that regard by one or more of the parties, on notice to the other/others, at least four days prior to the Thursday listing at which the physical hearing is sought. Such email requests should cite the special and exceptional reasons that exist to merit such a physical hearing. The Court will decide on any such application as soon as possible following receipt.

D. CCLRP representative may attend as heretofore.

E. This practice direction is designed to avoid the unnecessary gathering of people in and near the courtroom and to avoid unnecessary travel to and from. It is intended to assist in protecting public health and the health of all of those involved in the Special Care List. The situation will be kept under review.

F. Covid-19 Precautions are always to be adhered to and the Court will be compelled to adjourn the List if they are not.