General Notices: 01 July 2020 - Circ Fam Law Dub LFD
Date1st July 2020
TypeCirc Fam Law Dub LFD

Further to the statement of the President of the Circuit Court Published on 8 May 2020, and due to the current provisions of the Health Act 1947 (Section 31A -Temporary Restrictions) (Covid-19) Regulations 2020 the Family Law List to Fix Dates adjourned from 20 March to 31 July 2020 will be listed for hearing in Court 27 First Floor Four Courts Dublin 7 on Wednesday 1st July 2020 commencing at 930 AM in a staggered list published hereunder.

Arrangements are in place to ensure compliance with HSE distancing requirements and your cooperation is appreciated. You should only attend Court at your scheduled time. The hearing will take place in accordance with public health and the Courts Service guidelines.

1. Attend court at the appointed/designated time as there are no waiting facilities.

2. Only one representative for each party to attend court who must be in a position to deal with the matter.

3. Each attendant in court must supply his/her name phone number and email address and the phone number and email address for the solicitor dealing with the case for ease of administration should it be necessary to contact the representatives for the purpose of the hearing.

4. The number of witnesses for each party must be confirmed.

5. The parties must leave court and take all belongings after the expiry of the allotted time.

6. Copies of documents to be relied upon must be lodged in the Circuit Court Family Law Office NOT LATER THAN 72 hours prior to the hearing date. All documents so lodged in the Circuit Court Office must clearly show the record number and hearing date and time so they can be associated with the relevant court file. Documents will not be accepted in court.

At 09:30 AM
1 E.M -v- E. M 25002/2019
2 D.H -v- D. G 00541/2018
3 J.R -v- L.R 01421/2017
4 H.E -v- I.V 01050/2016

At 10:15AM
5 F.L -v- M.L 00139/2016
6 A.C -v- B.N 01022/2019
7 C.B-v- A.K 00489/2007
8 E.D -v- J.D 00405/2019

At 10:45AM
9 T.H -v- P.B 00042/2018
10 J.L -v- N.W 00861/2018
11 O.E -v- A.E 00499/2019
12 P.C -v- J.C 00133/2017

AT 11:15AM
13 C.C -v- C.F.A, L.H A0001/2020
14 J.F -v- A.F A0013/2020
15 L.McK -v- F.W 00238/2019
16 K.S -v- S.S 01095/2015

AT 11:45AM
17 V.McC -v- D.W 00383/2019
18 O.F -v- S.B 01485/2018
19 T.R -v- C.M 00029/2018
20 S.B -v- M.B 00312/2019

21 C.N -v- M.N 01034/2016
22 C.McG -v- M.O'C A0196/2019
23 B.L -v- J.L 01633/2015
24 A.W -v- M.A.M 01205/2016

AT 1:45PM
25 D.F -v- R.B 00974/2017
26 E.G -v- R.D 01549/2018
27 A.G -v- P.O'C 01055/2018
28 A.G -v- P.O'C 01912/2015

AT 2:15PM
29 R.S -v- A.C 01651/2017
30 I.A -v- J.B 01500/2018
31 S.D -v- R.D 00830/2018
32 E.M -v- M.T 00721/2018

AT 2:45PM
33 E.D -v- E.B 00760/2019
34 L.S -v- BS 00906/2017
35 A.W -v- G.G 00010/2019
36 D.M -v- C.M 00522/2017

AT 3:15PM
37 L.D.O.A -v- S.K 00725/2016
38 C.F -v- D.R 01437/2018
39 A.T -v- E.T 00926/2019
40 G.D -v- H.D 00907/2018

AT 3:45PM
41 D.S -v- S.S 00190/2017
42 E.N -v- M.N 01442/2017
43 P.L V G.L 01453/2017
44 D.F V P.F 00538/2016

AT 4:15PM
45 D.McL -v- G.B 00322/2019