General Notices: 05 February 2021 - Special Care List
Date5th February 2021
TypeSpecial Care List
1. To preserve the integrity of the in camera rule each case listed in Special care list will be assigned its own meeting room number. Only authorised attendees will be permitted to join the meeting room. Solicitors and Counsel instructed in more than one case will have to sign in and out of each meeting room.

2. All attendees should be clearly identified by name and function when joining the room. Only the party addressing the Court should have mics on. All other observers must have mics muted. The Registrar will confirm attendees before the list begins. Attendees must make their own arrangements to contact their Counsel /Solicitor if they are not in the same location.

3. Solicitors on record for Applicant and Respondents and those persons permitted to attend and report on proceedings under Part IVA of the Child Care Act, 1991 as directed in the Order of Reynolds J made on the 11th day of October 2018 must complete an authorised attendee form with u/taking before the first remote SPL care review list due to take place on the 11th February. This form when signed and emailed to the Registrar by 3pm Tuesday 9th February will then cover these attendees for any review list they are required to attend .It will also allow them to join other meeting rooms as observers for cases they are not involved in (unless a case is fully in camera).No connection details will be furnished until this form is received.

4. Respondent and other attendees: As with physical hearings Respondent Parents, Foster Parents, Legal Guardians or a Guardian Ad Litem, or Social workers required by the Applicant to attend, may only attend for the case they are a party to/assigned to. If a particular Respondent instructs their solicitor if represented, or the CFA if not, that they wish to attend the remote listing on a particular date, the Respondent solicitor or Respondent in person must complete and sign the u/taking and submit the Authorised attendee form by email to the Registrar by 3pm on the Tuesday preceding the relevant Thursday list. No connection details for the case room will be furnished unless this u/taking is provided. This undertaking from Respondents will be required to be submitted each time the case is listed for review unless the client/Respondent in person is observing from a Solicitors office.

5. All reports for inclusion in the booklet for the Court must be with the CFA solicitor by 12 noon on the Tuesday before the Thursday list. CFA must provide the booklet to the Registrar by 3pm on Tuesday. Reports received after this time will not be included and should not be directly submitted to the Registrar.

6. The list will be called in strict order. Time slots will be allocated to each case. Any Counsel who wishes to request a first call on Thursday should notify the CFA on Monday morning - who will then notify the Registrar on Monday afternoon before the list is finalised. While best efforts will be made to accommodate Counsel this will not always be possible.
7. The first remote Special Care list will operate on a trial basis and there may be further modifications to these arrangements.