General Notices: 17 July 2020 - Commercial update
Date17th July 2020
TypeCommercial update
Commercial Court
Notwithstanding Covid-19 restrictions, cases and applications in the Commercial Court continued to be heard. Such cases included judicial reviews (including planning cases with the commercial aspects), public procurement cases, statutory appeals, injunctions, applications under the Companies Acts (including schemes of arrangement), Insurance Acts applications and European Cross-border Merger applications. Almost all of those cases which had to be adjourned due to Covid-19 restrictions have been dealt with in recent weeks.
No case involving oral evidence has been heard in the Commercial Court since 18th March 2020. Such cases were either settled or had to be adjourned. It is hoped that, in accordance with Practice Direction HC 91, those cases which were adjourned for Covid-19 considerations will be heard with effect from September 2020.

There will be at least one judge assigned to the Commercial List each day in August (for urgent matters) and in September 2020. There will be two Commercial motion lists in August (11th and 25th) and five Commercial motion lists in September (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th) (all Tuesdays and all to be heard remotely). In addition, a number of cases/applications have been listed for hearing in September.

Each Friday at 10.45am there is a callover of all cases/applications listed for hearing the following week. Parties must email the registrar by 4pm on the Wednesday of that week to obtain details of the VMR for the callover.

Hard copy papers for cases/applications listed for hearing in the following week's Commercial List must be delivered to the List Room of the Central Office by 4:30pm on the previous Wednesday with soft copies emailed to the registrar by the same time. (See Notice in Legal Diary)

The Commercial motion list resumed on Monday 25th May 2020. The moving party must lodge hard copies of the motion papers in the List Room of the Central Office and send soft copies by email to the registrar (copied to the other parties to the motion) by 4:30pm on the preceding Wednesday (see Notice in Legal Diary). The moving party must also email the registrar by 4:40pm on that Wednesday in order that the details of the Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) can be furnished to them. The email must include email contacts for the other parties to the motion. At present, the registrar emails the other parties with the relevant details.